Dinkydoodle Designs  - bespoke celebration cakes
In the gallery you will find a number of cake pictures, merely as an example of what I have made in the past. It is by no means where my limitations end.
After looking at the examples you may feel that one of these is perfect for the occasion and person you have in mind, or the gallery may just give you the inspiration you need  for something a little different.
You may also have very specific requirements, such as adding a corporate or club design that you can not get with an off the shelf product.
My passion, and part of the experience when ordering a Dinkydoodle Designs celebration cake is the time and attention to detail taken to ensure that the cake you receive is as special as the occasion.   
Please feel free to browse the gallery and read the information on this page to get an idea of size, shape, theme, and sponge type etc, and then give me a call or drop me an
e- mail and we can discuss the start of your Dinkydoodle Designed bespoke celebration cake!. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Vanilla SpongeDeath by ChocolateSponge MedeleyCarrot CakeChocolate Sponge
So what goes into a Dinkydoodle celebration cake? 
Apart from the finest ingredients, and many hours of baking, sculpting, icing,  and piping,  I can offer a variety of fillings for your cake such as vanilla or chocolate sponge, with either jam and butter cream or chocolate butter cream filling.  I can also offer carrot cake  with lemon butter cream or rich fruit cake finished  with marzipan and icing. 
I can make cakes in a variety of sizes too, from the traditional square, round, heart or rectangle shapes to unique novelty shapes such as a pirate ship, racing car or even a cake shaped like  a ladies chest! Again when discussing your order I will go through the options with you to help you choose the right filling and cake shape for your occasion.
When icing the cake, dependent on the design I may use a range of techniques, from coloured icing to air brushing. There many also be other detailed elements such as piping, or sugar figures of flowers, all of which will be finished to your unique requirements.
How much does something like this cost?
As with all things, prices vary, but if you have browsed other sites in the area you will see that my prices are very competitive. For instance my cakes start at just £20.00 for a wine or beer bottle cake, and just £30.00 for an 8" sponge in any theme, with icing and a piped message of your choice. 
For novelty and shaped cakes, there is considerably more work involved but prior to agreeing your order a full quote would be given, but as an example,  prices for a cake like "Hello Kitty" or the "Cricket Bat" would start at £40.00 and other more complex novelty cakes would start at £50.00 and for example the pirate ship and motorbike cake pictured in the gallery were both priced at £50.00.
The sponge used can effect the price, for instance a rich fruit cake or carrot cake are more expensive because of the ingredients. As an example prices for a 6" round rich fruit cake, finished with marzipan, icing and a small spray of sugar flowers would start at £50.00.
For details of the prices for my cupcakes please see the cupcake page. The flavours and designs on my website are just examples of what can be done. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements especially if you are looking at a best of both design.
What information do I need to know before making an order?
The first is your budget, followed closely by what kind of theme/ cake you would like and how many people it needs to feed. If your budget wont stretch to a large cake,  there are several options open to you to keep the cost down and I would be happy to work with you to achieve your dream cake within your price guide.
What size cake will I need?
The following table is a guide to the number of servings you will get from different sized cakes.
Round Rich
Fruit Cake
Square Rich
Fruit Cake
Round Sponge
Square Sponge
Rich Fruit Cakes are usually cut in slices measuring 1 inch x 1 inch.
Sponge Cakes are usually cut in slices measuring 1 inch x 2 inches.
Similar cake shapes such as ovals and hearts will give approximately the same number of portions as a round cake of the same size.
What timescale do you need between ordering and delivery?
Again this depends on the cake and my current workload. Due to popular demand I am very busy and require as much notice as possible in order to book your required date in my schedule. However I wont necessarily need final design details until a couple of weeks before the due date. As a general rule, for more simple cakes I ideally require at least two weeks notice, subject to my availability. (Please note I usually only take orders for Wedding cakes with at least 3 months notice, however I would like to think that I would be able to offer assistance to a bride-to-be with an emergency!)
Can you deliver the cake?
As I am located in Nottingham, I am able to deliver the cake anywhere within the Nottingham area (and surrounds). However, depending on distance there may be a small delivery charge.  Because of the delicate nature of cakes I am unable to post or courier any of my cakes to other parts of the UK or abroad.  
Payment and Deposit.
To secure your booking a £10 deposit is required (£50 for Wedding cakes). The remainder of the balance is due on delivery of the cake. At this time I can only accept cash or cheques. (made payable to Dawn Butler)