Dinkydoodle Designs branded products are known around the world as being the best in the business, not only are the quality of the products second to none, but the customer Service and after sales cake that you receive from me ( and my very small team) cannot be matched.  
To allow me to travel the world teaching, and make amazing cakes ( you'll be surprised just how long that takes) I've allowed a team of very friendly staff take over my sales and shipping. you can therefore find all of my products on the following link where you can purchase and have anything shipped from wherever you are in the world. 
Dinkydoodle Designs Airbrushing Kit - Available in Black or Hot pink.


  • Single action airbrush 
  • 30 PSI power 

  • compact Compressor with a Unibody design, more reliable and easy to clean.
  • Touch Activated.
  • Special Hose /airbrush easy release adapter. 
  • 2 year Compressor Warranty.
  • Leather pouch to protect the Airbrush gun.
  • Airbrush gun holder on the compressor.
  • Airbrush gun comes with  0.3 needle and a 3CC cup.


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