These sleek , clear or clear glitter food grade , re- usable plastic cake boards are the perfect start ( and finishing touch) to ANY cake. 


Not only are they sturdy, and sleek but they're completely reusable too! They are made  IN THE UK from a high quality foodgrade plastic which is dishwasher proof ( toprack) - so why not do your bit for the planet, and reuse your boards!. - if you dont want to get them back from your customer ( lets face it life is too short) why not suggest to them, that they re use them! they are perfect for serving a cheesecake on or other desert , and once they've finished with them, they can recycle them! 


Because these boards are clear ( or clear glitter) they lend themselves to being completely unique for your cake design, and can be used in several combinations. 



Use on its own, or maybe decorate the underside with cool wrapping paper, your own printed message etc ( underneath the board, but facing up) 


Fill a single board with sweets by turning it upside down like a tray, fill with sweets, deocrations , keep sakes etc, then add a thin cake card of a matching size to the top like a lid. tape around the edges to secure, then flip over to have the clear board showing off the lovely goodies inside. 



the NEW boards have 4 little posts ( feet) on the underside of them which slot into a 6" specially deisnged plinth disk. Use this plinth to give extra height to your board, and make it into a real feature of your cake as it turns your cake board into a cake stand. you'll  also suddnely find that the cake is so much easier to pick up from the table( or out of the box)  you can of course use the board  with or without the plinth, and fill in the same way as the classic single board, using card. 



The plinth is very clever , in that it has holes for the feet on both sides, meaning you can now attach two boards together ( plinth in the middle) and do a double deep filled board! - NO NEED FOR A SEPARATE CAKE CARD, OR TAPING SHUT ETC. The plinth then also means that you need less filling, and is hidden under the finished cake, so no- one will know that the board isnt completely full of treats. 




Take your cake boards to a completely new level!  this pack contains a plinth and 2 clear 12" cake baords AND an LED mulit colour and function remote control light pack!. secure the battery pack in the centre of the plinth, before assmebly ( batteries not included) and use the self adhesive strip to secure your lighting around the outer edge of the plinth. Secure the two boards together using the feet, and then use the remote control ( batteries included) to change the coour and function of your lighting effect! . 


I've even iced my board in black  sugar paste( or whist and then airbrushed it ) and cut out letters in a personal message... and then when your turn the lights on your message with flash and light up!  this pack also comes with a free pack of 8 cake support pins! 




CANT SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? check out my manufacturer directly



round plastic re-usable cake drum board

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