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Base C is designed as the sports car base, and is also the largest for the cars,  measuring : 13.6 x 5.8"


It was designed to be used with the following carving templates : 

Hyper car (Ferrari)

Sports Car (Porsche)


you can either purchase : 

The base only (if you already have compatible templates) 

The templates only  (choose one or both sets , if you already have  BASE C) 

or the complete kit - if you dont already have a base or side templates. 


If you would like to try BOTH the hyper car and the sports car - you can either purchase both complete kits, or one base and both template kits. (Please note: you will not be able to make both vehicles at the same time with only one base.) 


Want to know more about the kits? You can check out the full-length FREE tutorials and all the info you need using the link below


Want to know how many people this cake will feed? Why not watch Dawn's tutorial here on how she works this out using the dimensions given above:

BASE C and Compatible Templates

PriceFrom £9.50

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