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Face Mould with eyes for the creation of cake topper faces, this Style has eye indentations. 


Create your own unique cake topper masterpiece with Zoe's Fancy Cakes' Abbie Face Mould with Eyes! This mould features eye indentations, so you can easily give your cakes a realistic and stunning look. Why settle for ordinary when you can create homemade cake topper art that will truly wow your guests? This face mould works in conjunction with Large Female figure mould.


Instructions for use of these face moulds with eyes can be found over on Zoe's Fancy Cakes YouTube channel.


Can be used with model paste and other mediums such as chocolate, fondant, clay, cold porcelain


Dimensions of this face mould are - width 3cm, length 3.8cm (this face mould is slightly larger than the style without eyes). 


Designed by Zoe of Zoe’s Fancy Cakes 


Food Safe.


Wash before first use.


We advise dusting the mould with corn flour prior to use to stop sticking. 


Note: this is one of the original Zoes Fancy Cakes Face mould's and has recently been renamed as 'Abbie'.

Cake Topper Face Mould with Eyes by Zoe's Fancy Cakes - Abbie


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