Separate DEEP PRURPLE  Airbrush Pen  Whether you get frustrated at having to clean out the airbrush between colours, or are under pressure to finish a project and need a clean pen to rely on. Having a spare airbrush pen will definitely be a useful addition to your airbrush kit. This light weight snazzy Purple pen isn’t just a pretty face - it includes a removable large 7cc lidded cup - great for standard projects, or detailed stencil work with a 0.3 needle ( the same size that comes in thr airbrush kit) This pen is suitable for use with any single action airbrush compressor (such as Dinkydoodle airbrush either old or new version) and comes with the easy release connector. See my YouTube channel for more information on different airbrush pen connectors and adaptors for more information.   BRAND NEW : why not check out the other " spare pens " available and collect the whole set!  

Deep Purple Airbrush Pen