If you like Dinkydoodle Chocolate drip you're going to LOVE the NEW "Doodle" drip sets.  It the same great confectioners drip, but in smaller bottles with finer nibs - perfect for writing and "flood icing" cookies. 


Of course you can use it as normal drip too on your cakes and deserts and the multi - cloured sets will allow you have a great variety of colour choice without the cost of buying full sized bottles of the whole range. This black and white set is perfect for writing messages on  a cake board, bold designs and monochrime patterns. 



Each bottle contains 100g of confectioners drip, and has a 12 months shelf life.


They can be re heated many times ( so no need to use it all in one go) 

 Suitable for warming in the microwave, but I like to melt mine ( and keep them warm  whilst using them ) in a pot of hot water.  


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"Doodle Drip" - Black and White