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Brand New from Dinkydoodle are my amazing metallic dusts. Whilst they can be used, as you would expect, for painting or dusting your cake projects, these dusts are oil soluble and have been specifically designed to harmonise with chocolate giving you a high gloss flawless finish when dusted into a shiny silicone mould before pouring in the chocolate.


When used with cocoa butter (now also available from Dinkydoodle) they also give a high gloss finish as a metallic paint.


Each pot contains 5g and each pot is wide and flat to help prevent spilling, the handy inner tray makes a great pallet for mixing, dusting and painting.


You can either buy them individually by selecting the colour from the drop down box


The colours are Gold, Bronze, Ruby, Pewter, Platinum, Glitter Pearl.


Whats the differnce between the platimum and gliiter pearl? I know the photos make them look quite similar, but in reality there's quite a bit of difference, whilst they are both very light in colour, the platimum will give a much lighter silver on darker colours, whilst the glitter plear, has a real sparkle to it.


Want to know what kind of colour they will give you? well, this will completely depend on the surface that they are used on. If you put the gold on a dark chocolate or sugar paste you will get a darker , rich gold, but if you put it onto white chocolate or a light sugar paste the gold will be much lighter. You can of course mix the dusts to change the colour and tone of them to suit your needs.

Edible Metallic Dusts