A firm favourite amongst cake decorators,  has JUST GOT BIGGER! 


This gemoetric heart shaped treats are  still so on trend , so for valetnies GO BIG with this high quality THICK food grade silicone mould. 


I line mine with 3 layers of Dinkydoodle chocolate drip  ( a 250g bottle will do three layers of one shell) , and you can either use them as an edible basket, and fill with goodies, make two for an edible lidded chocolate box,  or make a smash box, and fill with sweets and send to customers with a hammer - sold seperately - you can check these out here


want the standard sized 8 cavity geometric heart moulds - you can check these out here


and the PERFECT finishing touches to the hearts are the Dinkydoodle Drip's -  ( some of the metallic ones can be seen in the pics above , and Ive used hot pink and white for the main shells ) you can check these out here 

Large Geometric heart mould