Have you always wanted to try airbrushing , but are not sure whether you would like it ? Don’t want to invest in an airbrush if your worried that you’ll never use it ? Or do you need a new airbrush, but are not sure which one to buy? Renting a Dinkydoodle airbrush will solve all of these issues. Simply order this item and a used ( but well maintained ) complete airbrush kit will be shipped out to you , for you to use for 14 days. All you have to do it return it ( by the date specified in the adjoining paperwork ) and you will receive your £40.00 deposit back.




 So here are the TERMS & CONDITIONS: please read thoroughly before renting. 1. By ordering this product you will not own the airbrush, and you agree to return it in a clean and working condition to receive your £40.00 deposit refund. 2. The rental agreement is for 14 days ( from date of my postage to you to the date you post it back) at a fee of £20.00. 3. Once the airbrush has been returned in a clean and workable condition you will be refunded £40.00 in the same way you paid ( eg, card or Paypal refund ) please allow up to 7 working days for this to happen. 4. Should there be any issues with the returned airbrush you will be notified immediately. 5. Should there be an issue with the rental airbrush that you receive you must notify me by email within 48 hours of receiving the airbrush, whereby you will be sent a replacement rental machine. 6. The airbrush compressor, hose, plug, case, and pen will remain the property of Dinkydoodle Designs. 7. By ordering this item you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Rental airbrush kit FREE RENTAL - £40 refundable deposit