This is a handmade strucutred kit for students who have purchsed the sewing machine on line class. please only purchse this kit if you are part of the class ( if I cant find you name on the student list your order will be cancelled and refunded - so please add your student name in the comments or of your order, if it is different. These are currently being made , so you are PRE - Ordering this item. it may take a few days to make and ship. you will be kept up to date with its progress and be informed that it has been shipped via next day courier and ( if in the uk)   If you live outside the uk please email a list of what you would like ot order to Judy at only one kit per student at this time  please- once everyone has ordered one and the class is finished I can look at making more kits for students.

Sewing machine structure kit - pre order