Separate Airbrush Pen BUNDLE DEAL Whether you get frustrated at having to clean out the airbrush between colours, or are under pressure to finish a project and need a clean pen to rely on. Having a spare airbrush pens will definitely be a useful addition to your airbrush kit.

These light weight aluminium pens arent just a pretty face - they are colour coded for cup and needle size, meaing you can easily tell which one is best for which job.


Each pen includes a removable lidded cup , and differnt size needle, along with the Dinkydoodle signature easily release connector.


THE PURPLE ONE - a great spare pen accesory. It has a 0.3 needel ( standard size, that comes in the kit) and a handy 7CC cup.


THE HOT PINK ONE- great for bigger projects with a wider 0.4 needle meaning that it's perfect for liquids with a thicker viscosity.


THE TEAL ONE- with a massive 17cc cup and largest 0.5 needle , this is the largest f the set and perfect for those 3 tiered proejcts or large novetly cake. The largest of the three needles is great for qucik all over coverage , or use with much thicker fluids.


With this bundle you ALSO GET : the Dinkydoodle three airbrush pens holder ! Making life even easier! All the pens Dinkydoodle pens are suitable for use with any single action airbrush compressor (such as Dinkydoodle airbrush either old or new version) See my YouTube channel for more information on different airbrush pen connectors and adaptors for more information.

Spare pen Bundle

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£85.00Sale Price

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