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These books are signed by Zoe herself and include stickers and a DINKYDOODLE CLOTH TOTE BAG, which can be used to enter a photograph competition in the Dinkydoodle Cake Club Facebook group. The prize for the photograph competition is a 1-2-1 class with Dawn! You can find more details on the Dinkydoodle Cake Club here: It's free to join!


Zoe’s Fancy Cakes: Figure Making is a constructive, unique guide to creating exciting and quirky decorative figures for cake decorators and home bakers. Award-winning cake designer Zoe Hopkinson provides inspiration and guidance in her first book, showing you exactly what you need to recreate these amazing figures yourself! Aimed at all skill levels, Zoe’s Fancy Cakes: Making Figures contains the basic foundations needed to build sugar figurines, which Zoe hopes will inspire readers to get creative with their own character designs too.


Author Zoe has had a love for all things creative since a young age. In 2014, she took the plunge to pursue her cake design journey full-time, and once her creations were posted online the requests started to flood in for tutorials and guidance. Now, with over 317k followers on Instagram, 1.1m followers on FaceBook and 529k subscribers on her YouTube channel (all @zoesfancycakes), Zoe teaches her talents both in-person and online around the world, as well as selling her own range of cake decorating moulds from her online store. Zoe loves helping people to discover their creativity, offering guidance and support to produce stunning decorations and adorable figurines, which is what her first book is all about.


Zoe’s Fancy Cakes: Figure Making features a dozen different figure-making projects plus many more adaptations and accessories, starting with the basics and working upwards in terms of difficulty. Designed to be as accessible as possible, each project includes a time range and difficulty rating, as well as photos of the modelling pastes and detailed lists of eq