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Structured animal cakes are much requested by cake customers but often avoided by cake makers for a couple of reasons:


1. They’re too costly and the customers budget won’t stretch to the expensive structure required


2. Where on earth do you start?


Well now you CAN say yes to those kinds of cakes, with the NEW amazing structured animal kits . 


There are currently 4 kits in the range, and take different shapes (sitting, standing, and downward) - and these can be used for all sorts of animals, from cats, dogs, deer, foxes etc.


Then the fourth structure is the pony. This one even has one leg raised, making it a real showstopper! This can of course be a reindeer or unicorn too.


Which will you make?


Each of the kits comes with legs, body, tail, neck and “standard” head.


This head measures 15cm long (from the snout to the back of the head) and allows the head to point straight forwards.


If you want to change it up a bit then why not consider the “head pack” - a pack of heads that allow for different things. One has the slots at an angle which will look like the head is turned either left or right. And the other is shorter (13cm) for those animals/breeds with a shorter snout.


You can find those here: Structured Animal course (

Animal Structure Kits

PriceFrom £9.99

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