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My famous pick up and carry handbags kits just got a makeover. 


Whilst I love the originals, because they were made from injection molded plastic, it meant that I could never change the design once the moulds had been cast. 


These laser cut versions have enabled me to add different features to the platforms, add more platforms and different lengths of supports. 

The supports and platforms are interchangable. 


These kits are now laser cut wood and no longer come with rigid plastic handles - instead watch the tutorials to see how I customise my designs with REAL handbag handles and hanging basket chain (a link is given in the tutorial to  purchase your own from Amazon, along with a banana stand to hang it from) 

all handbag bases and supports are interhcangable and can be used with the original handbag kit. 


How to purchase your kit: 


select your base : 

the large retangle (10"  x 5") 

the oval (9" x 7") 

the round (6" round) 

The gift bag (5" x 3" rectangle) 

the small round (5") 

the clutch bag (8" x 3" rectangle) 

the hanging basket  (4" round base ) 


choose your supports

they come in pairs - if you want to make a bag that has ONE handle - you'll need just 2 supports 

if you want ot make a bag that has TWOhandes - you'll need 4 supports 


if you're making the hanging basket - you'll need 3 small supports. 



long (10.25") 

medium (6.5") 

small (4.25") 



Handbags and hanging basket

PriceFrom £3.50

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